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On Wednesday, December 7, nine former students from St. Helen’s parish school, who are now in their 60s, visited Sister Denis and Sister Donata at the Motherhouse. Sister Donata said was her best Christmas present ! The group of nine included Tom Walker, Debbie Masterson Rosenberger, Bob Barnes, Mary Clark Spalding, Sandi Swimme Otte, Diane Koppel Porter, Dottie Muenninghoff Ledington, Rich Thompson and Carol Hilbert Roeder. Sister Donata was their first grade teacher and Sister Denis taught them in second grade.

Sandi Otte said, “ It's pretty amazing that nine individuals would be so moved by being with the Sisters and sharing memories. We are all riding high.” Mary Spalding said, “One question we asked Sister Donata was how old she was when she taught us? It's hard to imagine how someone only 27 years old managed to keep 48 first graders under control long enough to teach us! I don't think that any of us realized that we were her only class at St. Helen.
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