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Sister Regina Bevelacqua is shown here with Special Olympics athletes at this year's Torch Run held June 1-3, 2018.
Sister Regina Bevelacqua, founder and director of Saint Mary's Day Center Training for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in Louisville, took a team of athletes to this year's Special Olympics Kentucky State Summer Games at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond from June 1-3.

At the Torch Run, Sister Regina was honored for her fifty years of involvement with Special Olympics and presented with a commemorative photo album. Sister Regina had this to say about her many years of volunteering with Special Olympics:

"As a young girl growing up in Star City West Virginia, I used to watch the university boys practice baseball in the field across the street from my home. I learned much about the sport—how to throw different pitches, game rules through observation, and in talking with the players.

Little did I know my natural love for sports would develop into a 50-year career as a Special Olympics Coach in track & field, basketball, bowling, softball & boccè ball.

When I first read in the Courier-Journal that Kentucky was starting a Special Olympics program, I asked one of my young students, Ray Finck, if he would like to be in track & field with Special Olympics. I told Ray if he could practice not dragging his leg he could become a more competitive player. The very next day, Ray was not dragging his leg! He became a very strong and determined athlete for many years in a variety of sports.

I have always realized the value of sports in teaching skills, building confidence and developing a competitive spirit! As a young teacher, I used bowling as a tool for learning math skills which proved to make math fun and successful.

Special Olympics has made it possible for people to be a part of a team sport or individual sports and to showcase their skills that otherwise would not be developed. I feel most blessed to have taken an active role in Special Olympics for 50 years.

It is with gratitude and admiration that the Fraternal Order of Police’s Torch Run has welcomed us to participate in their efforts to support this great organization.

Along with many others, Patsy Meyer has played an important role in planning this event. St. Mary’s student athletes have experienced pride, joy and excitement in walking with the Police Officers, passing the torch and sharing lunch over the many years. The partnership has become one of respect and love."

St. Mary's is proud to announce two athletes competing in Boccè at the USA Games in Seattle this year:
Cindy Cusick
Kathleen Crumbo
50 Year Athletes:
Ray Finck
Susie Bindner
Eugene Turner
Joan Daunhauer
Danny Botth
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