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The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville have joined with other U.S. Catholic institutions in formally expressing support for action that addresses climate change.

On May 31, 2018, Sister Janet M. Peterworth, President of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, signed the U.S. Catholic Climate Declaration, which is part of the “Catholics Are Still In” campaign. Governors, mayors, university presidents, and other church leaders have signed this declaration in support of the Paris Agreement to reduce carbon emissions after President Donald J. Trump withdrew the United States from it in June 2017.

Sister Peterworth stated that the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville’s official Constitution decrees, “All creation receives the call to holiness…. Between the Ursuline Sister and the rest of creation there exists a sacramental relationship.” Therefore, the Ursuline Sisters support all efforts to live in harmony with creation.

The campaign is organized by Catholic Climate Covenant and backed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, who say that climate change is an “urgent moral issue” and that… “it is about our human stewardship of God’s creation and our responsibility to those who come after us.”

The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville have a long history of caring for God’s creation. One of their recent initiatives of the Ursuline Sisters has been to subscribe to the LG&E program called Solar Share. Solar Share will support local solar energy with an array of solar panels along I-64 in the KU service area. This is just one of the many ways the sisters try to be good stewards of our earth.

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