This is the ninth and last in a series of blog posts written by Elizabeth Williams, the daughter of Kathy Williams, Director of Communications for the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. Elizabeth provides a fresh and witty travelogue of their trip to Peru September 29–October 13 2019.

Posted by lizzyonthemoveOctober 13, 2019

Well, the day has finally come that we had to return back to the U S of A. We have landed in our beautiful city of Louisville. It’s bittersweet. I’m super sad to have left, but I know I have made memories that I’ll always keep near and dear to me. All of the wonderful people I met have truly impacted me. They all have a special place in my heart. I will especially miss Sister Sue, Yuli, and Kathy. They are cool ladies.

Before I discuss yesterday, I would just like to say one more time how much I love Sister Sue. We went out Friday evening to run some errands with her. On the way back she looked at us and said, “would you like to take a moto taxi home?” Oh, would we ever! We were ecstatic because this has been on our bucket list since we arrived in Peru and Sue had known that. We decided that they look like little beetles zipping in and out of the streets. The ride was as scary as we imagined it to be. I took a video of our death defying ride.

First time we saw the Sun in Callao!
Spendin’ the rest of our money on chocolate
The moon
Chicken anyone?
Fruit anyone?
Sister Sue for the win

Yesterday, we had a relaxing day. We hung around the house and packed and took it easy. Of course, there was a nap thrown in there. What am I going to do without my daily naps now that I’m back in the real world???

At 5:30 pm the school had their 54th anniversary celebration. They treat it as a birthday. Their theme this school year is taking care of the Earth with a focus on the Amazon. Each grade did a performance that focused on this. They were so sweet! All the performances were very good and you could tell the students had put a lot of work into their skits. Some made me really wanna cry. One of the older grades showed the Amazon now and in 50 years. In 50 years there was nothing but one tree (a student) left standing. Then some of the students got up and spoke with such confidence and animation about the Amazon. I was very impressed with a third grade class who had their speeches memorized. They really performed with such strength. They pronounced their words very clearly. For how young they were, they had such confidence when delivering their speech by themselves to the audience. I could never have done that at their age.

I was freezing by the end of it. It was outside in the courtyard. Everything takes place in the courtyard. It got over about 8:30. At the end of the night, a huge birthday cake was brought out on the stage and the teachers were asked to come up. Happy birthday was sung while the teachers danced around the cake. Then cake was passed out to everyone! Then, more dancing took place. Just when my mom and I were planning our escape, Sister Yuli found us and pulled us into the dancing circle. My mom and I said we felt like stupid Americans trying to keep up with these Peruvian dances. Peruvians like to hold hands in a circle and go round and round with intricate foot work that foreigners have no chance of keeping up with. AKA my mother and me. Finally, when the circle broke and turned into a train of holding hands going around the court yard, I broke the chain and sneaked out. My mom didn’t get the hint and was left in the train that was sneaking through the left over people from the celebration. She looked at me and I laughed. Finally, she got her chance and joined me. She found us and said we needed to eat before the taxi came to take us to the airport.

Backdrop and the students made
This group sang “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson. They did great!
Aztec girl
Our Amazon

Human cutting down the trees in the Amazon
Happy 54th birthday!

The teachers were all going to a restaurant after the bday celebration to celebrate some more. Like you do. Sue is so caring and had us get there first. She’s also a lifesaver from saving us from our circle dancing. She said we couldn’t leave without having eaten. We also got our sangria first. Yum. We were getting it poured in these tiny glasses, and then Sister Yuli picked up her wine glass and said hmm I think I want it in this. I died laughing. You go Yuli! Oh how I’ll miss her. We had french fries and chicken, again! I’ve consumed a lot of chicken the past few days, but I’m not complaining. We literally ate and ran. My mom mentioned it might take 10 minutes to say goodbye to everyone, and Sue firmly said no, that we didn’t have time for that. Aye aye captain! We stood up, said our goodbyes as we were walking, and everyone yelling at us to have a safe trip. Adios, teachers!

Sister Sue and Sister Kathy had us power walking back to their house. Man, those ladies can move. I could barely keep up with them! And I have long legs! We got there with plenty of time to spare. The taxi arrived at 10 pm and we were off. She and Kathy walked us as far as they could and then we had to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. We hugged and all that sentimental stuff. After Sue and I hugged, she told me I had to come back. I agreed and said maybe to teach. And you know what she said? She said, “ya know, I’ve already thought about that.” That Sue. I love her so much. Brace yourselves for Lizzy in Peru part 2.

Thank you for following our two week journey through Peru! Adios… for now 😉 -Lizzy

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