Every two years, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville honor a woman whose life reflects the Ursuline charism that is inspired by Saint Angela Merici, the foundress of the Ursulines: “A contemplative love of God resulting in an openness and eagerness to serve the needs of others.” On Sunday, October 23, the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville honored Joy Green and Carmen de la Cuba Laurel, both Ursuline Associates, with the Angeline Award at a Mass in the Motherhouse Chapel, celebrating the feast day of Saint Ursula. Two honorees were chosen due to the hiatus in 2020 from Covid-19 concerns.

Ursuline President Sister Jean Anne Zappa, OSU, presented the award to Carmen and said, “Carmen de la Cuba Laurel has been involved in the teaching mission of Jesus since 1966 with our Santa Angela Merici School in Peru as teacher, principal, mentor and now volunteer and witness of the teaching mission of Jesus. She is a true disciple and active leader with the Ursuline Associates in Carmen de la Legua.”

Sister Sue Scharfenberger, OSU, said, “Carmen has taken her commitment even beyond the school. As an active Associate, she continues to gather other women to share the spirit of Angela. Considered to be a leader among the Associates, she has taken initiatives in offering her time and talents in projects that support and affirm other women.”

Carmen said, “I feel very honored and grateful for this award. It connects to all of you who have been a part of this for all these years—Sisters Lee, Martha, Kathy, Betty and Yuli; all of the Sisters who have visited us, and those who have accompanied us from here with love. You have all left an imprint on us in Peru. Through all the love you have given us, I have come to know and carry the charism of Angela that you carry every day.”

Of Joy, Sister Jean Anne stated, “Joy Green, an Associate from Cumberland, Maryland, truly lives the healing ministry of Jesus, serving in the Alleghany Health and Nursing Rehabilitation Center. It seems like whatever, whoever and wherever the need is, so is Joy, be at the rehab center, the vet on the street, in the parish, or with the Associates.”

Joy said, “Shocked was the word when I heard I was receiving this award. Humbled came next. When I was asked to become an Associate, I didn’t think I was good enough. After going through Associate formation, I learned that ‘good enough’ is an ongoing process. Praying, sharing, and caring are things that I do now, not to be good enough, but things I enjoy.”

As one of her nominators, Jody Walker, said of her, “It has been an honor to have known Joy, this mystic of the fabric store and the all-night diner. She is the prophet waiting in the drive-thru to get someone’s coffee. ‘What is most sacred is usually right in front of us, right where we live.’ (Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB) The charism of Angela is all around us and Joy Green’s life is solid proof of that love.”