This is the eighth in a series of blog posts written by Elizabeth Williams, the daughter of Kathy Williams, director of communications for the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. Elizabeth provides a fresh and witty travelogue of their trip to Peru September 29–October 13 2019.

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Ok, I am finally getting around to writing about our Tuesday holiday adventure…3 days later. Please forgive me. There was no school on Tuesday because it was a national holiday for the Battle of Angamos. This was a naval encounter of the War of the Pacific fought between the Navies of Chile and Peru. There was no school so the Sisters took us on a little trip for the day. Whoo hoo! Partay with the Sistasss.

Sister Kathy got in very late Monday night. We met her Tuesday morning and she is just delightful. She is so sweet. She’s the one who lives in the mountains in San Miguel. She had to go home for the summer because her sister was very sick and passed away. Sister Kathy has also lived in Peru for 40 years. I’m telling you, these Sisters are very strong women. They are great role models.

We all had breakfast together and talked for two hours! Every breakfast we have homemade oatmeal with granola and fruit. I’ll never get sick of it. Sister Sue said that she was thinking today could just be a rest day and we could just hang out chill. Sister Kathy was excited for it because they didn’t get home from the airport until about 2 am.

Well, we had far from a restful day. Poor Sister Kathy. But it was a great day! And one of my favorite days here so far. The Sisters took us to a fort close to their home in La Punta, The Point. Which, is called that because it’s the tip of the peninsula. Don’t ask me what occurred at this fort. I told you how my history is. I just know that they used it to stop invaders. If you’re curious, you can research it. Sorz!

We had a Spanish tour guide. Halfway through he gave us a 10 minute break and then we lost him and our group. Oh, well. I had more fun doing our own thing.

Kathy and Kathy
The Sisters
Sue doesn’t like photos
Viva Peru!
Kathy And Sister Yuli
Eyes close, heart full
View from the top of the tower of the port
Say cheese
Top of the tower
Love this photo
Super tiny steps
Love this photo

After we visited the Fort we searched for some lunch. We came across a place that was still serving hot lunch. It was close to 3 pm and most restaurants stop serving their hot lunches for the day. Remember, lunch is the main meal of the day here in Peru. My mother and I shared Lomo Saltado, Jumping Lamb.

Once our bellies were full, the adventure continued. They took us to La Punta beach. We started our walking. Then these two boys walked by us and looked me up and down and said hello! And this other man who was walking his dog, looked at Yuli and gave her a sign which means to be careful and that we were in a bad part of town. Little Yuli grabbed linked arms with me and made us switch sides of the street. She kept telling Sue we needed to get out of this part. Then she had us all take a one of those “busses” to the beach. I never felt unsafe during any of this, but I guess better safe than sorry.

Almost every restaurant has the holy family

We walked to the waters edge. It was beautiful. I love the ocean so much. The shore line was all rocks and there were so many olas, waves. It was a bit chilly and windy, but I didn’t care. Yuli was throwing rocks into the water. My mom was like “oh! I want to throw a rock”. My mom picked up a rock and chucked it. It went soaring through the air and instead of dropping smoothly into the water, it went crashing into the boat, that people were posing next to for photos, and made a loud crashing noise. They all looked over at us horrified. Thank goodness she didn’t hit one of them. Yuli and I about fell over laughing. My mom is very clumsy and things like this stuff always happen to her.

There were also people paying to be taken out on these little boats that people were posing next to. Never would I ever do this, especially with the water being so rough. I swear they packed like 20 people into one boat!!!

Yuli and me!
The boat my mom threw the rock into
Sister Yuli and me
Scary ramp
Yuli throwing rocks
There they go
Headed for the rough waters
Posing for the paparazzi
Sister Yuli is so cute

After hanging out by the water for some time, we made our way back through the town. We came across an ice cream shop and decided we all had to get some! I usually don’t like fruity flavors in my dessert, but I got strawberry ice cream and it was so good! We also stumbled upon a little artisan market. My heart was very happy! I love buying local and looking at things people make. I’ve mentioned before that I am obsessed with succulents. There was a booth with all of these cute handmade pottery pots and succulents in them. I wanted to buy one so bad. I told the artists I couldn’t by one because I live in the US and were not allowed to bring plants back. Well, just so happens they had one pot that didn’t have a plant in it. AND it was my two favorite colors! It was meant to be. Then one of the artist was like “here”, and broke off a little ball from a cactus. He put it in a tiny bag and told me how to plant it and water it. So, I guess technically I’m not really taking a plant back to the US. Shhh don’t tell on me. The sisters also bought a succulent.

Strawberry ice cream!
Ice cream with the Sisters
Baby cactus ball
Hand made pot
The succulent booth!
Another succulent booth!

Once we reached the end of the booths, we got a taxi and headed home. Sister Yuli told Sister Kathy she was in charge of making popcorn and she would go get beer. I thought she was kidding, nope she wasn’t. Once we got home, Sister Kathy made delicious popcorn, the old fashioned way. I went out with Sister Yuli to buy the black beer. I also saw where they buy their fresh bread. We picked up a Inca Cola for my mom and I to try. It tastes like bubble gum. We had a great time that night around the table. We ate popcorn and each had a glass of the typical dark beer.

The local beer

And that’s a wrap on our Tuesday adventure. Thanks for reading! -Lizzy

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