The Ursuline Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, of Louisville, Kentucky, USA, in our Congregational Meeting on August 28, 2021, agreed to participate in the 2021 cohort of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform 7-Year Journey Towards Integral Ecology. We have expressed our commitment in the following public statement:

Laudato Si’ Action Platform Commitment

The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, in solidarity with the global Laudato Si’ Action Platform, and consonant with our 2020 Chapter Resolution to emphasize the importance of collaboration to maximize our capacity to be in mission and have an impact in the responding to the Cry of Earth and the Cry of Humanity, commit as a Congregation to a seven-year journey towards integral ecology.

In fidelity to our charism of a contemplative love of God and a resulting openness and eagerness to serve the needs of others, by engaging our mission of teaching Christian living by assisting others in living more fully and developing a personal relationship with God, we accept the responsibility to:

  • examine our congregational policies and priorities in view of Laudato Si,
  • discern the call to ecological conversion,
  • develop an integral transition towards greater equity and sustainability,
  • promote the common good and uphold the dignity of every creature, and
  • collaborate with others in our care for creation.

May the Lover of us all enlighten us, the Holy Spirit inspire us, and Jesus Christ teach us to build community and live together in harmony in this world God so loves.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Signed on: Monday, October 4, 2021

By: Jean Anne Zappa, OSU, President

Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, Kentucky


View a reflection on Laudato Si:

A prayer service was held on Sunday, October 4, 2021 with Sisters and Associates to celebrate this 7-year commitment. As Catholic Sisters who are called by our charism to be contemplatives in action; and by our mission, to teach Christian living, we will strive to “listen to the cry of the earth and of people who are poor,” as Pope Francis has asked of all of us.

View the video of the prayer service here:

God of Life and Lover of all,

You are present in the whole universe

and in the smallest of creatures,

embracing with tenderness all that exists.

Awaken our praise and thankfulness

for every being that you have made.

Teach us to reverence all creation,

filled with awe in contemplation

of our profound interrelationship.

Show us our place in this world

as channels of love and peace

for all creatures of this earth.

Pour out upon us your love,

that we may uphold life and beauty.

Bring healing to our lives, and strengthen

our struggle for justice for all, and

to restore and protect our common home.

With you, may we walk this world in love,

living in harmony with all creation.  Amen.

Adapted from Laudato Si, 246