Photo of participant in Black Catholics for Justice Peace March, August 15, 2020, Louisville, Kentucky

By Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp, Ursuline Associate and Retreat Director at Sacred Heart Academy, Louisville, Kentucky

Maybe if Jesus were here on earth he would start the chant of Black Lives Matter with the protestors, release the immigrants from detention centers, free those enslaved in the system of mass incarceration, destroy all guns, talk to the homeless, rise up against white supremacy, tear down the statues that depict him as white and oppressive, help to find a way to save our natural world, and love each of us for exactly who we were created to be; flawed human beings who want to belong, need to be accepted and long to be loved.

Maybe because Jesus is not here in the flesh, we need to do it in his place. Maybe shame only stunts the learning. Maybe acceptance of our shortcomings and education of the oppression of all who have been marginalized; Black, Indigenous, Immigrants, People of Color, LGBTQ communities and so many more, will aid us in our fight for justice. Maybe it is our choice individually to decide what side of history we will stand on in this moment.

Maybe if we all let down our guard, defense, and fists, we could see, listen, learn, and be open to understand and empathize. Maybe we could bring the love of the creator, the life force, the light that brought us into being into existence through our action.

Maybe we have to face the truth, accept reality, knock down monuments that oppress, tear down the flags that endorse human inferiority, hold those in positions of power accountable, collapse systems of oppression, and build in their place relationships of intersection, love and acceptance.

Maybe just, maybe then we could learn to love.