The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Leadership are deeply troubled by the ongoing violence and atrocities of the current war in Israel-Palestine. We join the call for an immediate end to this devastating situation, which is why we have signed on to the Pax Christi letter. While the roots of the conflict are complex, the human suffering and loss of life must stop.
        Israel has a right to exist in safety, to defend itself, and to demand the release of all hostages, but at the same time, Israel’s military response in Gaza has resulted in a catastrophic humanitarian crisis. Over 34,000 Palestinians have died in Gaza, millions have been displaced, infrastructure lies in ruin, and starvation and disease are rampant. This cycle of violence and retaliation only breeds more suffering.
       We condemn the actions of Hamas, a terrorist organization that seeks to annihilate the State of Israel and establish an Islamic regime. Hamas has launched indiscriminate attacks against Israeli civilians, taking innocent lives and hostages. Their violence and terrorist tactics are abhorrent violations of human rights and dignity. Hamas must release all hostages immediately and cease its terrorist actions permanently.
       We desire and pray earnestly for a just and lasting peace that upholds the rights, security, and human dignity of all peoples in the Holy Land—Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike. It is our sincere hope in Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, that a resolution can be achieved through dialogue, justice, and mutual understanding.