Sister Janet Peterworth and Sister Brendan Conlon were on WLKY News last night, with students from SH for the Appalachian Gift Drive

This year marks the 23rd year the students at Sacred Heart have collected gifts for the Appalachian Gift Drive.

In between packing and loading, they got a chance to sit down with Sisters Mary Brendan Conlon and Janet Peterworth, the women who created this project 23 years ago after visiting the impoverished area in West Virginia.

“I said to Janet, I’d really like to try to do something for next Christmas, because I saw what it was like there,” said Conlon.

Since its inception, the sisters have been there, to help oversee the donations.

“The toys have increased over the years, the enthusiasm that is shown here among the schools is really tremendous,” said Peterworth.” –Caray Grace, WLKY TV