By Sister Martha Buser, OSU

Mothers often enjoy talking to their babies while they bathe them. A friend once told me about the time her baby looked at her while she was washing the baby’s feet in a way that was true recognition.

She said to the baby, “Hi there. Yes, I’m the one who takes care of you, cleans and feeds you and loves you no matter what.” She said that she then realized that’s exactly what God says to her, too.

Saint Angela Merici told us to find our first refuge at the feet of Jesus. We almost always picture ourselves at the foot of the Cross, but maybe we’re missing something here. Julian of Norwich liked to speak of Mother Jesus.

Perhaps from the Crib, He looks at us and says what the mother said to her baby as she washed its feet. “Hi, there. You wash my feet, but I also wash your feet. I want you to realize that I love you, wash you with my love and feed you with my Eucharist and am always with you. Do not be afraid for I will always love you no matter what.”

Christmas holds the promise of the Cross and Resurrection. Like Mary Magdalene, we anticipate being at the feet of the Risen Christ, knowing his love no matter what, especially in these troubled times.

“Jesus Christ therefore, who himself overcame evil with good, is our true Mother. We received our ‘Being’ from Him ­and this is where His Maternity starts. And with it comes the gentle Protection and Guard of Love which will never ceases to surround us. 

Just as God is our Father, so God is also our Mother.” 

— “Revelations of Divine Love” by Juliana of Norwich (1342-1416)