The Associated Church Press and Religion Communicators Council recognized the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville communications team, Bernie Mudd-White and Kathy Williams, with several awards, including an Award of Excellence and Category Winner, for their work in video, writing, design and social media.

For the “Creation” video prayer service, Bernie Mudd-White received a Category Award Winner Award in the DeRose-Hinkhouse Awards sponsored by The Religion Communicators Council, held on May 11. The judges said, “Love the weaving of music, scripture, news, facts, and image. That is a powerful formula when used together well. The strength of focus is also a merit. This piece is connecting to a vital issue of our time—honoring our earth.”

Two articles written by Kathy Williams for the DOME magazine received DeRose-Hinkhouse Awards of Merit: Called to Be Prophetic women of Hope, Part Three: Asian Advocacy and Accompanying Those At The Border. The judges said that Asian Advocacy was “A heartwarming story of the people that the Ursulines helped. The thankfulness and thoughts of love from the recipients was beautiful and touching.” Another said, “This is a wonderful history, inspiring the reader with stories that follow the path of women and families educated by the Ursuline Sisters.”

“Beautifully written in such a way that you could almost envision parts of the experience. The young child and refrigerator truck was especially moving,” was how Accompanying Those At The Border was described by the judges.

The 2020-21 Annual Report for the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, “Change • Challenge • Creativity” designed and edited by Kathy Williams, received an Award of Merit at the Associated Church Press Awards held on May 12.

The social media campaign to support “God Is On Your Side” in support of at-risk LGBT youth and the work of the Tyler Clementi Foundation, by Kathy Williams, received an Award of Excellence in the Awareness/Advocacy Campaign in Social Media category. The judges noted that, “The courageous and compassionate Facebook post goes viral and builds more support for the cause of love and acceptance. Very inspiring, well done.”