In 1877, when the Louisville Ursulines purchased the first piece of the land that is the present Ursuline Campus, they immediately opened a school that has become Sacred Heart Academy and Sacred Heart Model School. Over the years, the Ursuline Sisters have sponsored educational programs at this site to meet various needs:

  • Sacred Heart Junior College (1922 – 1938)
  • Ursuline College for Women (1939 – 1968) – now part of Bellarmine University
  • Ursuline Speech Clinic (1956 – 1996)
  • Ursuline Tutoring Center (1960 – 1994)
  • Ursuline Special Education Learning Center (1964 – 1981)
  • Ursuline Montessori School – joined with UCDC to form Sacred Heart Pre-School in 2009 (1967 – present)
  • Ursuline School for the Performing Arts (1970 – present)
  • Ursuline Child Development Center – joined with the Montessori school to form Sacred Heart Preschool in 2009 (1986 – present)


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Approximately 1,500 students are enrolled in the various Sacred Heart schools and programs on the Ursuline campus. Click here to learn more about these schools and programs. The academic excellence and value formation for which these schools and programs are noted attest to the experience and commitment of the Ursulines as educators.

Secondary Schools Formerly Operated by the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville

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