Dear Sisters,

I am writing on behalf of my mother, Mary Jane. Mom proudly related throughout her life that she was taught by your order during all 16 years of her education. Some of you may remember her from reunions and Ursuline events she attended.

Mom attended St. George School from 1936 to 1944, Ursuline Academy from 1944 to 1948, graduating in 1948, and Ursuline College from 1948 to 1952, graduating in 1952. Mom cherished her Catholic faith and appreciated the Sisters for their role in deepening her faith. You provided a quality education in other subjects, too. Mom earned a biology degree and became a medical technologist for a few years. Shortly after her college graduation, she married. Mom and Dad had 40 happy years of marriage and followed their Catholic faith in accepting 10 children from God’s grace. Two died at birth but Mom and Dad raised eight children to successful adulthood.

She nursed Dad in his last illness and he died in 1993. Mom lived 22 more years, as the beloved center of a loving family of children and grandchildren. The Lord called her to her reward of eternal life in September 2015.

In her will, Mom remembered her dear Ursuline Sisters. I am enclosing a check for her bequest to you. I know Mom would appreciate being remembered in your prayers.

I wish you continued blessings from our Lord.

Mary Margaret

We at the Otto household are so thankful that Sr. Dorothy (Frankrone) came into our lives. Our daughter, Emily, was a kindergartner When Sr. Dorothy felt that Emily should have some sessions to correct her inability to say her ‘r’s. It was easy for Emily to walk from her Ursuline Montessori classroom and into the Speech Clinic. She learned to pronounce her ‘r’s—not ‘wabbit’ but ‘rabbit’. No longer ‘wing’ for ‘ring’ or ‘pawk’ for ‘park’. And we had always thought it cute when she told us what Lurch said as he opened the door on ‘The Addams Family’: ‘You wang!’ But we knew it would not sound cute as a young adult, so Sr. Dorothy changed Emily’s life by helping her change her speech. Now she is a 27 yr. old graduate student with a crisp, clear voice because of Sr. Dorothy!

Bless Sr. Dorothy—Bless you all.

Dear Ursuline Sisters,

As I grow older, almost every day I discover that were it not for the education I received from the Sisters at Holy Trinity School, I’d be missing out on so many tidbits of facts that are not taught in schools today.

Thank you for your sacrifices made yesteryear and today. God bless all of you abundantly.

In His Love and Peace,
Ginger Kempf McKune

On National Teacher Appreciation Day I am taking a few minutes to thank the Sisters of St. Clements in Valley Station, KY, and the Sisters of Angela Merici High School in Louisville, KY. I was lucky to have such well-educated and kind women teaching me back in the 1950s and 1960s. I remember very clearly Sister Paschal (Bumm), Sister Generose (Holtman) (math) and Sister Cecilia (Hatem) (music, especially Gregorian Chant!). There was also a wonderful Algebra teacher at Angela Merici, whose name I don’t remember, but who gave me a clear understanding of the course. Very enjoyable.

Patricia S. Mills of South Carolina