We, the Leadership of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, denounce the Trump administration’s policies that continue to restrict immigration and punish immigrant families. We oppose the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s proposed changes to the public charge regulation. The regulation would force parents to make impossible choices between the well-being of their families and the prospect of future citizenship.

Implementing this new rule will create barriers to obtain lawful status and discourage immigrants from accessing benefits for which their children qualify. We are called by our faith to welcome the stranger, to care for the most vulnerable and we are challenged by our national values to promote the welfare of our children and the common good.

If we want our communities to thrive, all families in those communities must have access to the care and services they need and to which they are entitled. The Trump administration’s proposed changes to the public charge regulation threaten us all.

Our immigrant community pays taxes, and they are integral to our nation’s economy. They want to work and support their families; not to be a burden, as some believe.

As Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, we take a vow of poverty. This allows us to “work for justice, freedom from oppression and equitable access to the world’s goods”1 for the poor and marginalized. We stand with the Leadership Conference for Women in calling upon all people to make their voices heard in support for protection of our vulnerable immigrant community.

Sr. Janet Peterworth, President
Sister Agnes Coveney (Councilor)
Sister Paula Kleine-Kracht (Councilor)
Sister Jo Ann Jansing (Councilor)
Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Leadership

1 Constitution of the Ursuline Sisters of the Immaculate Conception