Sr. Jean Anne Zappa, OSU, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, and a former SHA teacher, presented the relic to Sacred Heart Schools President Dr. Karen McNay during a prayer service at the Chapel on May 7, 2024. ‘‘The Ursuline Sisters’ example of serving others embodies how St. Angela called us to live,’’ said Dr. McNay. ‘‘St. Angela’s contemplative heart enabled her to answer God’s call to lead. Her vision for serving others called for women to step outside the home or convent to serve others in their community. St. Angela surely leaned on God to have the courage to lead a company of women to be servant leaders.’’
St. Angela Merici served as a peacemaker, leader, negotiator, and founder of the Company of St. Ursula. St. Angela urged others to “lead a Christian life’’ and Sr. Jean Anne Zappa encouraged the students present in the chapel to do the same. “We live that love, openness, hospitality, kindness and generosity, all expressed in our familiar Ursuline core values,’’ said Sr. Jean Anne, adding, “We live the spirit of the gospel of Jesus by being united in one heart and will, building community wherever we go, clinging together with bonds of charity, respecting one another, and supporting one another.”
The relic will be on permanent display in the SHA Chapel of the Immaculate Heart and Dr. McNay and Sr. Jean Anne hope students find solace and peace in contemplation within the chapel. The relic is a reminder of how St. Angela lived and expressed the life, love, and teaching of Jesus in her life to others. “Angela told her followers to be like a piazza—be warm, welcoming, a person of hospitality, and accepting everyone who comes into your life,” said Sr. Jean Anne. “Let Angela be your guide and reminder of that always.”