A Statement from the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville’s Leadership

We, the Leadership of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, are heartbroken that people seeking asylum in the U.S. are being subjected to inhumane treatment at our country’s borders. We cannot bear to see families torn apart and young children detained like criminals. Our country was built on the value of human rights and the inherent dignity of all people. Yet today, it is persecuting innocent people who are fleeing corrupt governments, extreme poverty, and persistent violence, instead of welcoming these victims of trauma into our communities. We demand that Congress change its posture immediately and enact laws that will provide for the basic needs of these asylum seekers. Further, we call for the release of children to their parents or family members. No child should have to be orphaned, harmed, or subjected to death because their family seeks refuge in another country. This injustice must end.

Photos: Jeremy Dickey, Sisters of Mercy